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We experienced a gourmet delight last night at Oceanside’s newest Italian restaurant – Rosina’s!  We were there celebrating our family’s September & October birthdays.  As a larger party, we were treated to “Cena di Stile di Famiglia” – Family-Style Dinner.

Starting off, fresh ciabatta bread was served with a sun-dried tomato and olive oil dipping sauce, as we enjoyed the Chianti and Pinot Grigio!

We had a superb Insalata del Oro - a spring mix of lettuce topped with pears poached in port wine, toasted pecans and gorgonzola cheese - served with a balsamic vinegarette. 

We were presented next with two different pasta dishes.  The presentation in the big, farm-style platters made it truly feel as if we were back at Ristorante Tredici on the outskirts of Rome!   Fusilli all’ Arrabbiata was the best I have ever tasted outside of Italy – with an appropriate “kick” of hot.   I don’t know the restaurant’s name for the other pasta dish, but I will call it Conchiglie con Cavolfiore i Uva Passa – shell pasta with cauliflower and plump golden raisins with an Alfredo-type white cheese sauce.  The raisins nestled into the shells making for a tasty bite.  Heaven!

Our main course was Pollo alla Cacciatora.  Tender chicken pieces with a robust rosemary sauce.  Normally chicken cacciatore is served with peppers and onions, but this was just chicken with the distincive rosemary.  If we weren’t so stuffed, we would’ve eaten til midnight!

Dessert was six or seven different desserts, also presented family-style — meaning we took a bite of each and passed it on down!  While not sure what they all were called, we had a creme brulee, cheesecake in a double crust, chocolate lava cake, and several torte type presentations.

Rosina herself lovingly welcomed us, gave us the background on each dish, and made sure we were all able to Mangia Bene!

Please make a point of taking a trip to Italy while staying in your own backyard – visit Rosina’s.

3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd, Oceanside   760-721-5000

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