Who is Mangia Bene Mama?

Welcome to my site!

I am Tina Marino.  I am not a formally trained chef, but I have a natural gifting to prepare great meals for my family and friends!  One of the things in life that brings me great joy is cooking for those I love and watching them thoroughly enjoy each and every bite!

When I was young, we lived in England and in Italy.  In Rome, we were fortunate enough to have a house-boy, Domenico, who also served as our chef.  My mom and I gleaned so many recipes and techniques from him, and somehow it all was absorbed easily into my young brain! 

My love is Italian food, though I have learned to be quite adept at Mexican cuisine, as well as standard good old American comfort food.  Cooking, grilling, roasting, and frying are my talents - I am not the best baker in town, but many of my baked specialties always turn out fine!

By trade I am a business broker and an author, both of which I became after selling my 18 yr old accounting practice in 2006.  But my true love is cooking!

My desire with this site is to share with you my tips and hints and my family recipes.  I published a cookbook in 2007 solely as a gift to my family and friends.  I am in the process of professionally releasing it as an e-book – so look for it soon!  If you want to be on the pre-release list, please email me at tina@tinamarino.com.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site!

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    This site is dedicated to my mom, Patricia Heim.
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